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Post Convention Tip: Launching Your New Product Line (without sounding like a tele-marketer!)

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Complimentary recording:
‘How to launch your new line without sounding like a telemarketer’

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Are you just getting back from your company’s convention? I know you’re excited and you really want to share your new line with all of your friends, previous hostesses, and previous guests; but it’s important to approach them in a way that makes it about them and not about you.

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Overcoming the Top 3 Objections to Book

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What are the top three objections you must overcome to successfully book parties?

The first word most of us learned wasn’t mommy or daddy, it was ‘no’. It’s simply a human habit to think ‘no’ or feel resistant, especially with all the demands that we’re all experiencing, but at the end of the day, we all have one commonality. We want to have more fun! We’re all tired of being so responsible. Think about it. You give women a break from children, husbands and responsibilities to party with their friends, laugh, and earn a bunch of goodies. It’s not complicated. And if you believe that, and know your party experience rocks, it’s easy to have conviction about what YOU WANT FOR THEM!

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Connecting with Workshop Guests and your ‘Shopping’ Experience

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Enjoy this complimentary recording on how to transition from the party experience into the shopping experience and connecting with your guests!

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What do you want to experience during the shopping experience?  I know… $500, $1,000, $1,500 parties, three new bookings, a couple of guests interested in the business.  I definitely know what I want for every party!

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How to engage your guests to host, seek information about your opportunity and…

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…be a customer for LIFE!

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Have you ever watched a commercial that made you laugh, mesmerized you, or engaged you to want to purchase a product? Most of you would probably respond by saying, “not really,” or “I don’t really watch commercials.” Well, statistics prove that great commercials generate extraordinary results. Read More

Attracting Guests To Your Party

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Let’s face it, only about 10% of entrepreneurs in any industry are doing well and you definitely want to be in the 10%.  That doesn’t mean you need to work your buns off, it just means that you learn not to struggle by being your best.

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Imagine not having to get on the phone to add parties to your calendar because you were booked up for five to six weeks with your ideal number of hostesses. Imagine being so excited about your parties and the experiences that you have offered your hostesses that you couldn’t wait to spoil them and give them an amazing experience.

Every week over the next couple of months, I’ll share one or two practices that will eventually provide you with my entire system on how to explode your personal business. This is the system many of my clients have used in my Million Dollar Protégé Program that has elevated their personal sales months to $8,000 to $12,000 without working so hard. I’ll give you tangible tips in writing plus a recorded version, and starting next month, I’ll add a video version to my “Tip of the Week” message. Listen to the recordings or download them to your MP3 player so you can listen to them over and over again.

What attracts guests to your parties? Remember, ‘girls just want to have fun.’   Theme parties attract guests to attend and usually, it’s not about the product, it’s about a ‘friend’s night out’ experience. Choose themes that will interest your guests and create a desire to attend (ex., Wine & Cheese, Mexican fiesta, Saturday Continental Breakfast, Taste of Italy, Happy Hour, Choc-o-holic).  Remember, this is your hostess’s night out party. Allow her the opportunity to spoil her guests with her chosen theme. It all happens during the first twenty minutes of the party.

Are your invitations extraordinary? Imagine designing an invitation that increased your guest attendance by five guests, increased your sales 25% and added one more booking to your calendar. What would that be worth? During the recording, I’ll train and coach you on how to create theme parties that “wow” your guests, and how to design the “20 Minute Guest Connection.” After my seminars, I always receive several emails about the “20 Minute Guest Connection” and the impact it made at their recent parties.

I two tools for you to download. The first tool is called “On Time Drawing Ticket.” Guess what? You’re going to have more guests showing up on time and bringing guests with them. The second is my Classified ad “Invitation Insert.” I’m going to show you how to use these tools in your invitations. You may want to get creative and design your own.

DOWNLOAD ‘On Time Drawing Ticket’

DOWNLOAD Classified Ad ‘Invitation Insert’

I’m committed to supporting you in building your personal businesses, and for those of you that are leaders, truly helping your team maximize their results.  Envision the business you want and TAKE ACTION!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What’s yours?

Love and Success,

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.