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074 – Interview with Shannon Mitchell

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About Shannon

Vision is born from desire and intention is born from vision. Our guest, Shannon Mitchell, is a visionary and lives life with intent to believe her vision into fruition.

After 12 years in pharmaceutical sales, Shannon realized that she was trading income for passion with her “gold handcuffs” job as a pharmaceutical rep, so she began thinking and writing about what she desired deep down in an ideal career. Just a few months later her company laid off numerous reps nationally and Shannon saw that as an opportunity to seek her ideal career. After diving into writing and contemplating her ideal career, she realized that Direct Sales was an ideal fit.

Shannon has been with her company since they opened their doors, and has built a team that developed over $7 million a year. Shannon is authentic and passionate about coaching women how to create their ideal life and business. Shannon is a life learner, strategic and motivating. I have had the opportunity to have several conversations with Shannon prior to our interview and I love her humble, joyful and positive spirit.

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.
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