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Connecting with guests one-on-one

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How well do you do at connecting with each guest during the shopping experience and ask discovery questions that help you, help them?

So, how do you want to be perceived by your guest?

  • Fun, energetic, curious, kind, connecting, confident.
  • Take on attributes that you desire becoming more of.
  • Focus on eye contact, relational listening, curiosity and geography… let me explain! *Note: Listen to the recording for the details!

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The 20 Minute Guest Connection

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I have a question for you. “Do you create the ideal booking and recruiting environment at your parties?”

I want to share something with you that I call “The “20 Minute Guest Connection.” It is an ideal experience that you create for your guests with a theme, ambiance, music and connection.  It sets up the scene for the representative to connect with guests, spoil the guests and have a whole heck of a lot of fun.  When you create an ideal environment that moves, touches and inspires your guests, they’ll be engaged to host their own experience without even knowing it.

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The Empowering Leadership Style

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During my complimentary video you’ll learn what style of leader you really are and what you can do to evolve yourself to the empowering leadership style. I want to challenge you to practice the empowering leadership style over the next 30 days and have exhilarating conversations that leave others inspired and ready to take action!

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Healthy Goal Setting

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Often we can become so attached to a goal, that the goal itself immobilizes us.  We are so bonded to the goal that we base our self-worth on our achievements instead of our choices.

I believe something like that can become the death of your business and rip your self-esteem in half. You have no control over your future or your goals. What you do have control of are your choices.

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Booking Success Secret: Aspire to Service

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Giving back isn’t necessarily about a whole lot of free shopping; it’s about how you make others feel.  It’s about leaving extraordinary voice messages that make the other person feel important whether they call you back or not.  It’s all about having extraordinary conversations that catch them by surprise.  It’s about an extraordinary party experience that blows them away.  It’s about a card or gift that they Read More

What’s holding you back?

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Lets Talk ‘Getting Intentional’*

Distinguish what you want and why you want it.  I heard it once said that “Vision is the impulse pulling us to distinguish who and what we are capable of; it’s the divine adventure into self discovery where our greatest attributes are activated.”

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