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My morning ritual that guides my day

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We either create by design or osmosis! So often the challenges, poor decisions and reactions to others are a result of us not intentionally setting up our day. “Where the mind goes, the man or women follows.” Thoughts held in mind, duplicate in like kind.

How do you set up your day? Do you have a morning ritual?

I begin my day at 6 am by drinking a very nutritional green drink full of vitamins and minerals and then immediately meditate. I used to think meditation had to look a certain way, but after reading much about meditation and prayer time, I’ve come to the conclusion that we must Read More

How mentors have changed my life!

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I just left my acupuncturist and he graciously said, “You’re the healthiest fifty-one year old man I know Steve.” I replied, “Thank God for my mentors.”  This very minute I am at Starbucks writing my blog and then I’ll join my nutritionist for a fun night of learning all sorts of healthy meals for my family, especially for my vegan son.

Do you have a Success Team?

A Success Team are the Read More

Increase your vitality = increase your income (complimentary program download)

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Most people focus on responsibility and try to be disciplined and really want to be disciplined but deep down they’re disappointed and frustrated because they don’t like their life. The truth is they don’t feel valuable and they choose that.

If you don’t give yourself value, neither will anyone else.

When you’re vibrating at a lower frequency you attract a lower frequency. Life gives you what you believe. Come on, what kind of extraordinary opportunities will you attract in that state of mind? Nothing spectacular! When you make empowering choices, Read More

Remembering what really matters…

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Yesterday our family celebrated my father-in-law’s amazing life.

The last minute travel plans, the expensive airline ticket, red-eye flight and lack of sleep was worth everything! All human beings really only have one thing in common; our lives will eventually come to an end. The beauty in keeping that thought at the forefront of our mind is that we can CHOOSE to live Read More

Why I only shop at Trader Joe’s–and some sales people suck!

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I can’t believe I actually said “some sales people suck” in my subject line, but it’s so true.

I made a decision three years ago that if I didn’t get extraordinary service, I wasn’t going back.  It was almost a subconscious decision because one day I realized I had stopped shopping at ALL these groceries stores except Trader Joe’s.  Why? I don’t like my time wasted, don’t like to be ripped off and don’t like crappy service.

Ironically it’s WHY most Direct Sellers Read More

Attracting new hostesses

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Come on, what do you really want from each party?

Fun guests, an engaged hostess, an extraordinary theme party, two to three bookings, set dates within 30 days, hostess coaching dates, and $1,000 – $2,000 parties.

The secret to attracting that is to make it all about your host.

Read More

Do you have a business plan for the new year?

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This training is from the ‘Designing Your Life & Business Plan‘ free webinar. Click here to view that webinar for a limited time.

To achieve success is your natural birthright. Most people assume that if their life is not going the way they want it to, something outside of them must be preventing an improvement.

But while pointing the blame at others may feel better than assuming responsibility for unwanted conditions, there are very big negative repercussions for believing that something outside of you is the reason for your own lack of success. What’s interesting is that most Read More