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Overcoming the Top 3 Objections to Book

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What are the top three objections you must overcome to successfully book parties?

The first word most of us learned wasn’t mommy or daddy, it was ‘no’. It’s simply a human habit to think ‘no’ or feel resistant, especially with all the demands that we’re all experiencing, but at the end of the day, we all have one commonality. We want to have more fun! We’re all tired of being so responsible. Think about it. You give women a break from children, husbands and responsibilities to party with their friends, laugh, and earn a bunch of goodies. It’s not complicated. And if you believe that, and know your party experience rocks, it’s easy to have conviction about what YOU WANT FOR THEM!

I have a few objections I want you to practice Read More

Learning to Say NO

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Complimentary Recording:
How to make Empowering Choices
Congruent to Your Values

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A few years ago, I wrote a book entitled Vision Made Real: Creating Space for Your Deepest Intentions. In my book, I share what prevents most people from manifesting what they truly want in life.

What do you think prevents most people from having an extraordinary career, ideal health, extraordinary relationships, a greater income, or more time for the recreation that fuels their soul? Read More

Get Out of Chaos

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“Get Out of Chaos and Into Clarity:

5 Success Tips That Will Save You Hours of Time”

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Always plan your day the night before:

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can get you there, meaning circumstances will decide for you.

When you’re clear about your plan, you can work the plan effectively without doubt!  If you and I were to have a conversation right now, and I asked you exactly what Read More

Connecting with Workshop Guests and your ‘Shopping’ Experience

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Enjoy this complimentary recording on how to transition from the party experience into the shopping experience and connecting with your guests!

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What do you want to experience during the shopping experience?  I know… $500, $1,000, $1,500 parties, three new bookings, a couple of guests interested in the business.  I definitely know what I want for every party!

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How to engage your guests to host, seek information about your opportunity and…

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…be a customer for LIFE!

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Have you ever watched a commercial that made you laugh, mesmerized you, or engaged you to want to purchase a product? Most of you would probably respond by saying, “not really,” or “I don’t really watch commercials.” Well, statistics prove that great commercials generate extraordinary results. Read More