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What are your core values? What makes life worth living?

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Most of us set goals that focus on an outcome instead of a goal that brings us immense fulfillment.  The why always wins over the what!  The why gets you up in the morning; it’s your passion, your purpose, your values all wrapped up into one beautiful package. Essentially the why ignites your passion!  And when you’re passionate about something it ignites your creativity and then the willpower kicks in.  The why will sustain you during adverse times!

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The Secret to Manifesting Your Deepest Intention

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Listen very carefully to my short video message.  Really focus on what I’m going to tell you.  It’s the magic potion.

What is intention? It’s basically what most people would call a goal.  I define intention as that which we desire achieving or experiencing and having a plan to attain it.  I believe goals have a negative connotation for most of us because it’s really nothing we can control, and most of us have experienced the anxiety, frustration and the attachment that transpires when we set a goal and move toward it. Read More

Distinguishing Your Dreams, Purpose & Vision for 2014

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You and I are worthy of living a life of bliss, fulfillment and abundance, but unless we’re clear about what that is, and unless we put our time, treasures and talents into that vision, it’s inevitable that were going to experience much of the same kind of life that we’ve been living.  WHY? Life doesn’t change unless we change!

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Do You Have a Stellar Interview?

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Do you have a STELLAR interview? If I were to interview the last three individuals that you interviewed and asked them to give me a score on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how well you did at sharing your business opportunity, what score do you suppose they would give you? During this short video training about developing your own stellar interview.

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