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004 Interview with Kim Young

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About Kim

Kim Young lives, breathes and walks extraordinary in all areas of her life. She is an amazing spouse, mother and what we, at Lifeline, call a life leader, meaning she is intentional about empowering and inspiring everyone that crosses her life’s path.

During Kim’s 20 years in the Direct Sales Industry she’s been recognized for building one of the fastest growing organizations within her company.   Kim can show you how to have a successful and fantastically balanced business while still being able to allocate your time and energy to the most important things you value in life.

There is much to learn from Kim Young and the incredible success she has built.  Allow Kim Young to ignite your passion through her incredible interview with Steve.



WHAT you need in order to continue evolving as a leader.


What is the the most significant book that you have ever experienced?  How has this creative resource impacted your business and transformed your life?

Strength Based Leadership” by Tom Rath & Berry Conchie is an amazing book that really breaks down your strengths.   Because of this book I can relate to each individual better as now I see them through there strengths.


What brings you passion about leading an organization?

Building people and pulling out what they didn’t know they had.  Breathing truth into people.


What is your greatest piece of advice for a new leader in the beginning stages of leadership?

One step at a time.  One person at a time.  I was all about the income for my family… don’t be.


003 – Interview with Dannette Klein

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About Dannette

Dannette Klein has achieved phenomenal success in the direct sales industry that millions dream of having.

She started her business eight years ago and Dannette’s success wasn’t anything that she had ever expected. Executive Leader Dannette Klein joined the direct sales industry to have the freedom to raise her children Read More

000 – NEW — “The Leadership Lifeline”

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“The Leadership Lifeline online Radio,” is a vibrant new podcast show dedicated to meeting with top leaders in Direct Sales & Network Marketing who are impacting lives through dynamic leadership. I will be interviewing the most influential Direct Sales leaders of today to find out what empowers them, drives them to succeed and how they overcome adversity. Read More

Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Success?

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You might have bought into the belief that it’s hard to build a network marketing or direct sales business when in reality you’re operating in a state of confusion most of the time with no sense of focus or boundaries which is the real reason why you’re not successful.  [View the free webinar replay HERE].

Most people are just busy being busy and they’re following this squirrel and that squirrel and feel like their productive however there’s really no plan or they don’t focus on their plan. What’s the plan? It’s the most Read More