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This article is an excerpt from my free 1-hour webinar training ‘Huge Profitable Parties’ available for replay for a limited time.

Why do some direct sales professionals having such a difficult time attracting guests to host parties?

First, deep down they might not believe the experience is valuable for guests, or they have a deep seated opinion of our industry. They might feel it’s a tacky industry. They have a Walmart feeling of our industry instead of a Saks Fifth Avenue feeling of our industry. One way to shift your belief and get extraordinary results is to create an unbelievable party experience for your guests and hostess.

What’s another reason why direct sellers are having such a difficult time attracting guests to host parties?

They lack vitality and conviction in their offer. Part of the reason for that is that they’re too focused on themselves and the outcome instead of serving. Service is the highest activity to which we can aspire.

What I am about to tell you is something you probably have never thought about, but is frankly the truth about the law of deliberate creation, which is all about attracting what you want more of in your life.

There are two parts:

First, improve the quality of your life. Have more fun. Fill up your life cup! People are attracted to people with vitality! When you enjoy your life, you amplify your vibration. You’re joyful, radiate happiness; you’re more expressive and fun to be around.

Are you giving yourself permission to do what you really want to do instead of what you should do?

What lights you up? What brings you joy? What might you give yourself permission to enjoy? (Empowered choice permeates fulfillment and fulfillment radiates self-expressed aliveness.)

Second part of my answer…

Take the attention off yourself and exude joy to everyone.

Study 5-year-olds. Most children are fully self-expressed unless they’re raised by parents who don’t allow them to be who they are. Think about it. Have you ever run into someone in a public setting who was with their 4 or 5 year old?

Everything changes from the time we begin kindergarten. We’re taught what to think, what to say, when to go to the bathroom and what’s right and what’s wrong. And it continues through grade school into college and into our careers. We’re taught to follow instead of lead.

What does a 5-year-old do when they want something? They’re engaging, fun and expressive!

Authenticity, self-expression and conviction are attributes that engage others to you! Focus on attributes of reps that get bookings.

What are they? Fun, playful, joyful, enthusiastic, loving and humorous.

The third reason most direct sellers aren’t getting bookings is that they focus on everyone instead of zeroing in on the guests they’re connecting with.

How many times have we heard “Be sure and ask every guest to host?” Really, seriously! Do you really want to book Negative Nora or a Boring Barbara or Sarcastic Sarah? Give me a break!

Hold some value and look at the experience you offer. Do you value what you offer? If not, then create an experience that will wow your guests and impress you! Give them the best of you!

At the minimum, you offer a break from children, husbands and business to hang out with friends and enjoy the really important part of life… friendship!

Okay, so you’ve created this extraordinary party experience with your host and your guests are having a blast. The host has a great theme, the candles are burning, and music is playing as the guests arrive and you’re joyful, confident, fun and connecting with all the guests. After a while, you’ve chosen a few guests you want to host parties for. You’re saying things like:

“You’re so fun! I want you for a hostess… what do you think?”

“You’re in love with way too many items, let’s host a party and get them free… what do you think?”

Or you’re taking an order and you’re saying:

“What are your favorite items? Is that what you want to get tonight? Let’s get it free! How about a wine and cheese tasting party or a Mexican fiesta…what do you think?” With conviction! “What do you think?”

This training is from my premium ecourse “Exploding Your Personal Business Over the Top,” only available through my Million Dollar Protege Gold Program. You can view my free 1-hour webinar training ‘Huge Profitable Parties’ available for replay for a limited time.

Give this a try and let me know how you do with it!  I’d love to hear your feedback!

Creating an extraordinary life is a choice. What's yours?

Steve Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.
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