3 Tips to Ensure Your Holiday Bookings Happen!

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Three PROFITABLE TIPS That Will Ensure Your
December/January Hostesses
Fall In Love With You And Hold On Their Original Dates

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What would it be worth to have every party hold on the original date in December and January?  Let’s make it happen. The fact is that you have a lot of competition with holiday parties, holiday shopping, holiday school events, decorating, etc… average just isn’t cutting it anymore! When you put out average, average circulates back to you and in this case, it circulates back to you in the form of a call from your hostess saying, “I’m so sorry, everyone is too busy and I’m going to have to cancel my party for December.” The answer is to create an extraordinary party experience for the guests, extraordinary offers, and a follow up plan that guarantees results.

Here are your three tips…

First tip: Purchase inspiring holiday cards and take a picture of your family (you, your spouse, children and/or your dog); make several copies of your pictures and send all of your hostesses that schedule a party from this point on in December and into January a holiday card that includes your family picture.

  • Think about it…what’s the interpretation? She’s my friend! She thinks highly of me.  Capitalize on what most direct sales professionals don’t do.  International Coach Ali Brown, who has thousands of followers, believes that it’s all about how you brand yourself.  Whether its social media, mail, or any form of follow up, the key is to have them feel like they know you personally and feel connected to you.
  • What message might you write on the card? Something like, “Jan, thank you so much for scheduling a party for Linda.  I can’t wait to spoil you and your friends on (party date).  I’m looking forward to meeting you at Starbucks on Wednesday, December 8th at 4:00 to plan your party and create your wish list of free goodies.   (Your name/signature line) Bringing women together for fun, laughter and friendship! PS: Don’t forget your invitation list!

Second tip: Offer an incentive for returning a guest list with at least 20 guest names, addresses and postage within a week.

First and foremost, if you offer an extraordinary invitation that lights up your hostess and you provide her with an incentive, you can expect that your hostess will return a guest list to you within a week.
What makes an invitation extraordinary? A colored envelope, a sticker or two on the outside of the envelope (Christmas décor… snowflakes, etc.), large confetti, fun invitation flier, your company’s postcard, three on- time drawing coupons and your hostesses address return label on the top left hand corner.
During the recording I’ll explain how and why extraordinary invitations will increase your sales and attendance, and insure that your parties hold on the original date.

Third Tip: Hostess coach in person.

My team was known company-wide for hostess coaching in person and one-on-one personal appointments.  I truly believe that is one of the significant reasons that I had a multi-million dollar business.  During December our reps and leaders were meeting hostesses at coffee houses, martini lounges, and restaurants enjoying the holiday ambiance while planning their holiday parties or New Year parties with their hostesses.  In fact, I had an amazing campaign during December for my local team.  I challenged our reps to bring copies of their hostesses’ guest invitation lists for January dated parties to our Team Holiday Awards Celebration Party held around December 15th.  It was crazy fun.  I would raffle off unbelievable prizes, cash and gift certificates, and reward the top five reps with the most guest lists returned by the date of our team party. I’ll give you more details in the recording.

My mission over the last three years has been to support direct sales professionals in creating their own strong economy through direct sales.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Joy and Success,

Steven Q. Wiltshire, CEO
Lifeline Coaching & Education, Inc.


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