006 Interview with Renee Poindexter

By November 22, 2014February 21st, 2015Leadership Lifeline
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About Renee

We are so excited for you to hear Renee Poindexter’s powerful interview with Steve.

This leader is an accomplished continual learner and is so passionate about sharing why this attribute is so important to constant growth as a leader.  Renee is a former high school English teacher with experience in a variety of industries and has since founded an extraordinary collaborative of social entrepreneurs that are interested in designing authentic learning environments.

Renee’s background with continuous improvement has assisted her in designing programs that inspire people to lead with their heads and hearts connected.

“We bring who we are to what we do and how we learn.” -Renee Poindexter



WHAT you need in order to continue evolving as a leader.


What is the the most significant book that you have ever experienced? How has this creative resource impacted your business and transformed your life?

“Leadership From the Inside Out” by Kevin Cashman is an amazing tool for helping you to look inside yourself and really assist you with becoming a leader in your life and career.


What brings you passion about leading an organization?

Teaching others how to see the unique qualities in themselves and bring them to a point where they understand their core values is what brings passion about leading. Just the natural unfolding genius of someone realizing themselves and being able to be a part of people realizing their true potential is my favorite part of being in leadership.


What is your greatest piece of advice for a new leader in the beginning stages of leadership?

Be who you are and know the attributes that make you the most UNIQUE you that you are. Have purity of intention and know your core values. Know thyself.

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