005 Interview with Lisa Brunnette

By November 22, 2014February 21st, 2015Leadership Lifeline
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About Lisa

Lisa Brunnette’s passion and positive energy is contagious, so it is no wonder then that her direct sales business has grown to the point it is at today.

Most of us can relate to Lisa’s beginning stage with starting her direct sales business which grew into an incredible career.  The direct sales industry was not something that she saw herself pursuing whatsoever, but God had a much different plan for her life and Lisa simply listened.

What unfolded before her was so much more than she had expected. This interview will leave you feeling a sense of rejuvenated passion for your business and ignite your sense of purpose when you are in need of a lift.

“Being intentional with your business and leading with integrity are the most important attributes to being a successful leader.” – Lisa Brunnette



WHAT you need in order to continue evolving as a leader.


What is the the most significant book that you have ever experienced? How has this creative resource impacted your business and transformed your life?

I have always been an avid reader, always have stacks of books by my side and have read just about every book there is regarding sales and personal development.  John Maxwell is an amazing author but I have to say The Bible.  The Bible has everything you need to know about anything you may need to know about.  The Bible is the truth and has impacted every area of my life. Whenever you need a solution or answer, for me it is always in The Bible.


What brings you passion about leading an organization?

Empowering and encouraging others to have the life they have always dreamed of and helping people realize the dream they want for themselves is what brings me the most passion about leading.  I feel so blessed that God has put me in a situation to help encourage others to realize their potential to bring each and every one of those dreams to life.


What is your greatest piece of advice for a new leader in the beginning stages of leadership?

Embody your team forget about your business and then also stay focused on your business as well.  Basically, Like Ed Mercer says, “Wherever you are, be there.”  Make sure you can encourage new and the few (the willing).

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