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This is your opportunity to master leadership, leverage the efforts as a collective group of leaders, utilize our talented team of coaches and GET QUICK RESPONSES, RESOURCES AND ADVICE that get IMMEDIATE RESULTS! 

Every week our member’s will experience a new theme, challenges, leadership training and tips to stay focused on their greatest intentions. Our members will experience tangible results through short training, Facebook live, resources and most importantly, INSTANT responses to our member’s questions about a challenge, outcome, or your business model. 

Your first step is to join and share THE #1 RESULT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IN 2017! What is that radical result that you are reaching for! This is a special link only for our members. This is your special entrance into the community. 


GAME ON! Get ready for your EPIC Growth in 2017!

The Leadership Lifeline Online Community Mission


"To empower and inspire leaders to grow into their greatest capacity and influence the lives of their team members through their commitment to provide outstanding training, resources and coaching both personally and professionally. 

Many leaders from many different companies will engage in a richer conversation about our collective mission to influence, empower and inspire each member of their team to live passionately, serve others and take responsibility for the life they want to live. 

We will together improve our industry and develop resourceful human beings who make empowering decisions that improve their communities and the world. "


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